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Over the weekend, I went to an amazing Ethiopian restaurant here in Nairobi. Most of the standard tables were full so I got to sit in this beautifully decorated open air ceremonial space where the famously strong coffee was being prepared and a lovely quirky incense was burning nearby.

Taking in my surroundings, one word rose to the front of my mind: MIGRATION. It felt so natural and simple as I looked at the Ethiopian flag decorating the back wall and watched waiters walk out balancing heaping plates of injera. …

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A striking January sunrise around 9:15AM over Norwegian Refugee Council HQ in central Oslo

In memory of the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash

It has been an incredibly sad day here in Oslo, throughout the East Africa region, at the Norwegian Refugee Council, and for the humanitarian sector at large. Collectively, we lost so many dear colleagues and friends in the ET302 plane crash yesterday. Here at NRC we spent the day walking around with heavy hearts, acutely aware of the magnitude of this loss, both for us as individuals and for the world.

On this plane were humanitarians, peacekeepers, priests, diplomats, professors, students, researchers, journalists, and activists who were engaged in amazing work for refugees, for the environment, and for the African continent. I have been refreshing Twitter for the last 36 hours, as if the latest update will be something different than another name and face of a bright leader who had so much more to offer humanity.

As I walked into the office today, mentally preparing for an all-staff gathering in honor of two incredible NRC colleagues we lost on this flight, my mind kept coming back to the memory of this beautiful sunrise over our office a few weeks ago. In Oslo, there’s not very much sun or color at all during January, so to witness a sky like this is really a stunning sight after walking to and from work in full darkness every day for weeks on end.

Since I’ve moved to Norway, people often ask me what it’s like experiencing such dramatic shifts in the sun patterns throughout the year, as we move rapidly from just 4 hours of darkness in summer to just 4 hours of daylight in winter. …


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